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Ana’s Cleaning is your partner in profit-making. In construction, the biggest cost generators are time and material, and we can streamline the time you spend on the job site. During construction, Ana’s Cleaning will maintain the site so that your employees can work most efficiently and apply their skills where they are needed. When construction is complete, you can move on immediately to the next project, trusting Ana’s Cleaning to do the post-construction clean-up to the satisfaction of your client.

The Ana’s Cleaning team can keep your site tidy and organized during the process of construction, hauling away waste as it is created, and enhancing the safety of the site. Having your materials organized and your waste continuously discarded makes your job much more efficient. Our work assists you in preserving relations with municipalities and neighbors. And at the end of the process, Ana’s Cleaning is there to do the post-construction clean-up.

You’ve got enough to think about, getting construction done on-time and on-budget, without having to expend your own and your employees’ time and effort cleaning up construction sites. Your skills are better used getting to work on the next project. Ana’s Cleaning has the expertise and the resources to take care of post-construction clean-up for you, so that you can move on to the next project confident that the present site will be pristine when your client moves in.

All of our services are tailored to meet your needs.

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